Learn to Love You!

You are unique!

It’s all very well to respect and look up to our favorite singers. But no matter how hard you try, you’ll never sound like them! Because you’re not them!

At the level of the vocal chords everyone’s voices sound the same. As the sound emerges from this vibratory mass, it meets all kinds of things on the way out of the body. The epiglottis, the pharynx, the tongue, the soft palate, the teeth, the lips, the jaw, the oral cavity, the nasal cavity etc etc.

The beauty of learning technique is that you can learn how to manipulate many of these structures to slightly alter your sound. This gives you many more stylistic color choices in your vocal tone. BUT when it all comes down to it, your vocal tract is a particular shape and size. Ultimately, that’s what gives you your unique sound.. and that cannot be changed.

So absolutely love Christina, Adele, Alicia, Bruno, Ed and MJ… but what’s more important is that you learn to love and appreciate you!!

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