Being a Single Mum on Christmas Eve…

When you’re making that decision to leave, you have no chance of preempting or preparing yourself for moments like this.... It’s the happiest, most exciting night of the year for a Mum with 3 and a 6 year old children. We should be putting out cookies, playing Christmas carols, hanging our stockings and reading ‘The … Continue reading Being a Single Mum on Christmas Eve…

Learn to Love You!

You are unique! It’s all very well to respect and look up to our favorite singers. But no matter how hard you try, you’ll never sound like them! Because you’re not them! At the level of the vocal chords everyone’s voices sound the same. As the sound emerges from this vibratory mass, it meets all … Continue reading Learn to Love You!

No Voice on Thursday – 4 set gig on Saturday… how I ‘coped’

How I cope when I’m committed to singing and I become ill with a nose and throat infection.