Teaching and learning about voice are my absolute passions and most definitely my purpose in life


Clare is a self confessed ‘vocal geek‘ who has a life long love of learning about all things voice related. Following issues with her own vocal health, Clare stumbled across a handful of amazing teachers and knew from that point onwards, that voice coaching was her mission in life.

Private Vocal Coaching

Clare loves exploring and dissecting individual voices to help her students realise their potential. No matter what your level of experience, she would love to help you. And with the revolution of online teaching, distance is no obstacle! Clare’s studio is equipped with the latest tools and technology to ensure your online lesson is equally, if not more effective than in person.

Clare loves bringing science and creativity together when working with her voice students.

Clare is the driving force behind her self founded Company, Freedom Music Studios. Her personality, experience and passion for the industry make her a much loved, respected and sought after Vocal Coach.

After spending 20 years studying the art of Vocal Production, she has gained an extensive set of qualifications including a Bachelor of Science majoring in anatomy and physiology, Diploma of Education and she’s completed The Compulsory Figures for Voice Control course four times. Clare has worked hard over the past 10 years to achieve her ranking as a certified Level 3 singing teacher with the Institute of Vocal Advancement.

Throughout her vocal career Clare has often been left feeling hoarse and fatigued due to a heavy vocal load, from both singing and public presenting. Over many years, Clare refused to believe that her voice was at its capacity and went on a mission to gain insights into the intricacies of vocal technique. During this time, she fell in love with the study of voice and all its facets including technique, style, artistry and performance. After years of study and research, Clare has a diverse knowledge and methodology towards teaching enduring, reliable, pain free and artistic voice production.    

Clare’s Degree in Science, majoring in Physiology and Anatomy, gives her the skills to understand and discuss the singers ‘instrument’, the larynx. Her Diploma of Education and 10 years working as a class room teacher gives her the skills required to ‘teach’ all ages and vast amounts of experience working with children. Using her personal knowledge, learnings from courses and conversing with other vocal specialists, Clare can offer students many techniques that can be applied to vocal production and improve performance.

Her mission is to provide as many students as possible with the skills and strength required to ensure that they use their vocal instrument to its maximum potential!

To book a lesson in person at our studio in Rowville, Australia, visit http://www.freedommusicstudios.com

To contact Clare directly call +61417 307 598